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BCGS students and staff have covered a whopping 10,798km in the PE Kent Coast Challenge. We have until the end of Valentine’s Day to top up the distances – let’s try and reach 20,000km mark! Well done to everyone who has logged their exercise and got involved.


We are delighted to have received the National Online Safety Safe Remote Education Accrediation for our successful approach towards safeguarding children & supporting welbeing during remote teaching & learning.


As a member school of National Online Safety, we're embarking on Safe Remote Education accreditation to demonstrate our commitment in this vital area.


The PE dept Kent Coast Challenge launched last week & we are off to a great start. Students covered a whopping 1224km & staff 649km to give a weekly total of 1874km. Week 2 is a full week so we are targeting 5000km by Sun 31st. Well done everyone, keep walking, jogging & cycling!


Looking to stay active during lockdown? Why don’t you give the PE Department’s fitness challenge a go! For further details watch the video which the PE department have posted to your PE class Microsoft Teams page, or read the information on the image below. Good luck!


Can you assist one of our ex students now at Cambridge and conducting a study exploring father-child play?


Congratulations to some of our Sixth Form students who have been shortlisted for the John Downton Awards this year


Year 8 have ended their work on space by using and/or the . Here are spiral galaxies classified by Julia, Hayden and Erin, and Ryley's Jupiter (with three moons)


Temporary part time Teacher of RE (maternity cover) at Barton Court Grammar School


Temporary part time Teacher of Sociology (maternity cover) at Barton Court Grammar School


Temporary Teacher of Sociology & RE (maternity cover) at Barton Court Grammar School


Nat School Wk students in KS3/KS4 were set sporting challenges created by the Year 12 Sports class, look on your Yr Grps Teams channels where the challenges have been posted, remember to email scores to Mr White to receive your BCGS reward pts


We are looking for a great part time Psychology Teacher in September - see our website for more details. Pass it on if you know someone please.


Sadly due to the current circumstances our Y5 Taster Day that we had planned to hold on Saturday 27 June will not now happen. We hope to be back with it again next year though.


You can also ring Childline on 0800 1111 if you are a child or young person who is a victim, or are worried about domestic violence in your home.


Support is still available from domestic abuse services in Kent for victims & those worried about loved ones. Visit for local support services & advice or contact the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 - 24 hrs


Aged between 10-16 and need mental health support? Kooth is . Please visit to register for our supportive online community where we have lots of guided support courses and resources for you.


If you are concerned about a young person’s mental health & are not sure what extra help is needed you can call the Single Point of Access (SPA) on 0300 1234496. The SPA is there to help you explore the difficulties & find the most appropriate response.


Looking forward to welcoming visitors to our Open Morning today for Y6 Parents and students, 9.15-10.45am


Lots of great activities at BCGS today for Enrichment - Streetwise, Team Building, First Aid, Careers - a full on day packed with interesting topics.


The sun is shining and we are starting up the Bee Keeping Club again. Just waiting for warmer weather and active bees. Honey coming soon!


Wishing all our students on the Italian Skiing Trip a fantastic time - be safe!


Thank you for our NOS Award. We're proud to be helping to make the internet a safer place for our students. Our staff, parents and students continue to be better informed about how to reduce online risks. .


In Safer Internet Week we are looking forward to welcoming parents who have booked onto our Internet Safety Parents Evening tomorrow at 4.30pm.


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Another great British Science Week with hands on fun and low cost activities to support teachers during . Informed teachers about and how this can be run within their school


We're looking for a great Assistant Headteacher to join our senior leadership team - if you are interested please see our website for more details.


We've taken delivery of a fantastic brand new mini bus, a Peugeot Boxer Lite. Our old buses were on their last legs so we're excited to be able to transport students to fixtures & trips with confidence. Thanks to all who contributed to the voluntary fund which helped purchase it.


What a lovely day for Bikeability - students gaining practical experience and confidence on the roads whilst out in the sunshine.


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Started on your entries yet or thinking🤔of entering? Check out eligibility & other deets here:


Don't forget our Sixth Form Open Evening tonight, 6.45pm-9pm. We're looking forward to meeting you.


We loved welcoming the students from the Chinese school, Belacosta in Sao Paula, Brazil. Shadowing their buddies they made new friends and impressed us with their ability to speak Mandarin, English and Portuguese!


Y8 students designed, budgeted and built Lego houses this week to very strict guidelines, calculating dimensions, quantities and planning. Housebuilders of the future perhaps.


Come and see what Sixth Form life is like at Barton Court on Wednesday 29 January - 6.45pm-9.00pm. We're looking forward to meeting you.


Second in Mathematics (TLR2c) at Barton Court Grammar School


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Welcome to 9 students and 2 staff from the Chinese school, Belacosta in Sao Paulo. These talented students speak English, Portuguese and Mandarin! They're here all week getting to know life in an English school.


A reminder that our Sixth Form Open Evening is on Wednesday 29 January 6.45pm-9.00pm. Come and see what Sixth Form is like at Barton Court, great staff, lovely new buildings and brilliant teaching & learning.


Our Y5 Taster Morning on Saturday 29 June 2019 is now open for bookings. Primary school pupils in Y5 are eligible to attend for a taster of life at Barton Court. Places are already being booked so don't delay! Details on our website.


Congratulations to our Y10 Basketball Team who finished in 3rd place in the Kent Youth Games last week.


Thank you for a great session on Sports Psychology - oh to be this relaxed!

Enrichment Day 5 - European Festivals

Posted on: 16/07/2018


The MFL department organised various sessions on European Festivals: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Albanian. We also had Year 6 students from St Thomas’ Primary School coming to work with our Year 7 and experience life at Barton Court.

The enrichment day was really fun! Each country we learnt about had an activity based on foreign celebrations. I found this really great. We learnt about Italy, France, Spain and Albania. My personal favourite was the Italian celebration because we painted masks and I love the art we did. I had an amazing time and learnt a lot about countries and their festivals and celebrations.

Imogen 7B

During the enrichment day I had enjoyed all of the lessons as it was about festivals from different countries. The French festival was called le Poisson d’Avril and we created colourful fish then stuck them on the back of people. It was very funny. In Spanish, we did La Tomatina and we created posters on it with the use of a video for information. Then we did German and that was about Easter. We made Easter eggs that we coloured in. The last lesson that day was analysing the day where we summarised the day and chose our favourite session.

                                                                                                                                                Jessica 7A

Recently, my year group and I participated in many exciting activities based on languages festivities in our enrichment day. We did languages such as German, French, Spanish Italian and even Albanian. My personal favourite was probably the Spanish session, in which we learnt about the jolly festival of La Tomatina, which is a celebration that consists of people from across the world, coming together and united as one to complete an hour of tomato-throwing fun! I also enjoyed it most because I am most likely biased as I speak Spanish and have been learning for about 5 years. French was also pretty fun, as we learnt about the French equivalent of April’s fool (Poisson d’avril) where people stick fish on each other’s backs.

                                                                                                                                                Maddie 7G

In the morning we had Spanish where we learnt about a festival called La Tomatina where lots of people come together and then trucks of tomatoes come through the streets and people all throw the tomatoes at each other. It was fun to watch, but it did look messy! I would not want to clean the streets after the event! Also we had French where we learnt about Poisson d’Avril which is a day like April’s Fool but they make fish and stick them on people’s backs. They also do pranks and tricks, which sometimes can be so mean! Later that day, we learnt about Albania and how to count up to 10 in the language. Learning about Albania’s culture was fun too! Overall it was a great day and I am looking forward to doing it again as soon as possible!

                                                                                                                                                 Joe 7A


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