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We are nearly out of large size nappies! These are a huge regular cost for people with young children and we hate to see anyone go without! If you can spare £3-4 this weekend could you get us a pack of size 4, 5, or 6? (We are fine for newborn sizes thank you)


We're delighted to tell you that we have students in all year groups 9-12 who have either gained a Merit or Distinction in their Flute or Clarinet exams.


We're taking bookings for our Sixth Form Open Evening on Wednesday 26 January - click here to book a place


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This Wellbeing Wednesday, we are looking at how music can improve our wellbeing - Research suggests that music can stimulate the body's natural feel good chemicals. It can energise our mood and help us to take control of our feelings.


Looking forward to Rag Week next week, raising lots of money for our chosen charities


The last one of our students' artwork shortlisted for the John Downton Awards 2021. Our students are incredibily talented!


And even more shortlisted artwork for the John Downton Awards 2021


More shortlisted artwork for the John Downton Awards 2021


Artwork shortlisted for the John Downton Awards 2021


Barton Manor School - exciting times!


Barton Manor School is coming along nicely!


In June students were given the chance to audition for the Canterbury Festival’s ‘Beautiful Noise’ event held all over the city. Melina, a singer-songwriter & pianist, has written 38 songs & performed in the Whitefriars Centre on Saturday 23 October - the start of a great career!


Microbiology Club investigating the bacterial content of different milk. Learning aseptic technique, making our own agar plates and streak & pour plates - safely!


The Kent & Medway Immunisation Team is coming to school next week, don’t forget to do the online consent form if you haven’t already. Visit for info or phone the team 0300 123 5205, text 07401320923 or use their web chat if you have any questions/concerns


Stunning Y11 Artwork.


The new free school build, Barton Manor, is progressing well and may even be completed 3 weeks early!


Thank you Joe Brown & Arthur O’Hara (Deal Music & Arts) who ran a 3rd Jazz Journey Workshop for our students. This project initially ran in 2020 so we are delighted it's up & running again. It all ended with a performance of ‘Caravan’, a challenging piece!


Y12 A Level music students attended a Welcome Concert for the new Music intake at CCCU gaining fab insight into the initial stages of a music degree course. 3 of our students were invited to play with a university & alumni band. Thank you Chris Price & Steve Waterman


We're happy to be starting our Y5 Enrichment Programme again, kicking off with DT who taught primary students how to create a balloon powered car. Much cheering and delight along the corridors when the race started!


Y12 & Y13 Sport students have had a great time at the new Christchurch University Sports Labs. Sessions focused on fitness testing where students participated in a range of field & lab based tests, including the VO2 max test, wingate test & the bod pod! Thank you


It's been fantastic to see the return of extra-curricular netball in term 1, with excellent attendance at training and games. The end of season tournaments saw great performances, with Y9 finishing 2nd, Y10 3rd and Y7/8 4th. A huge thank you to our Sixth Form Coaches too.


We're looking forward to welcoming parents and students to our second Open Evening tonight, 5pm-8pm and another Open Morning tomorrow, 9am-11am.


Barton Manor School is looking for LGB Govs to join them in Jan 2022. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Trust to help implement the vision, ethos & direction of this new free school click the link below or retweet to spread the word.


We're looking for a Temporary Teacher of PE to cover a maternity absence. If you're interested then please click the link below - we'd love to hear from you.


Our new free school, Barton Manor, is progressing. Here are the latest images.


We've registered with "Good to Grow" scheme. Please register your More card with us when you next shop and we can start earning points for equipment & seeds for the School's Eco School Club.


When there's a good excuse for eating cake! We raised over £430!


We raised £1,067.97 for last Friday. Looking forward to cake this week for


We're looking forward to enjoying lots of cake on Friday to support Remember though we are a nut free school!


And we wore Jeans for Genes Day


Some of our Y12 aspiring medical students took part in a virtual outreach event hosted by the BMA today. Presentations by a current medical student & 2 practicing doctors sharing insights & personal experience followed by a panel discussion. Thank you


We're supporting this Friday with a non school uniform day - hoping to raise lots of cash for this amazing charity.


We're looking for a Temporary Teaching Assistant to start as soon as possible. Click here to find out more if this interests you:


Open Morning Tours for the new free School Barton Manor can now be booked. Places are limited. Click here to access the booking form.


Our rising star in tennis, Ben, has had an incredible summer of success in various matches, even playing & winning the Road to Wimbledon 14u Tournament on the practice courts - Singles & Doubles Winner - amazing. Congratulations Ben!


The new build at Barton Manor School has really progressed over the summer. On schedule for completion next February.


The applications process for the new free school, Barton Manor School, is open today, 1 Sept. Apply online for a Y7 place only using the link below. Closing date Friday 10 December 2021.


Congrats to ex-student Harvey Lintott now playing professionally at Gills FC for scoring the winning penalty in a recent match against AFC Wimbledon. Thanks Kent Pro for the images.


Students and staff raised an incredible total of £7,773.09 for the School's chosen charities last year. Thanks to everyone who contributed.


We're looking for an experienced and qualified BCAT Trust Estates Manager/Site Manager for The Charles Dickens School. Please follow the link below for more information. We'd love to hear from you if this is something you're interested in.


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