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  • Please direct all Sixth Form enquiries to ahaley@bartoncourt.org

Welcome to Barton Court Grammar School

“Barton Court is an outstanding School" - OFSTED 2014

A very warm welcome to the Barton Court Grammar School website.  I am sure that you will find it informative and enjoyable to explore. We hope that this website will give you an insight into the high quality of education you can expect your son/daughter to receive at Barton Court Grammar School.

We are very proud to be one of the few co-educational selective schools in the country uniquely delivering high academic standards within a very caring and supportive school community. Our focus is excellence in all that we do and excellence for all our students.

Featured News

  • GCSE Results 2015

    GCSE Results 2015

    Posted: Thursday 20 August 2015

    Barton Court is celebrating another excellent set of GCSE results this year.

    Sixth Form Results 2015

    Posted: Thursday 13 August 2015

    This year, students achieved the best results in the School’s history in the IB Diploma, for the 5th consecutive year, and with very strong A level results the students collec...

  • 11+ Open Events

    Posted: Wednesday 5 August 2015

    Barton Court Grammar School invites parents and their sons/daughters to our 11+ Open Evenings and Open Mornings.

    Horsing Around for Enrichment Week

    Horsing Around for Enrichment Week

    Posted: Thursday 16 July 2015

    Fun was had by all during the horse riding experience offered as part of Enrichment Week.

  • Enrichment Week - Teambuilding

    Enrichment Week - Teambuilding

    Posted: Tuesday 14 July 2015

    Y7 students enjoyed a teambuilding exercise today with a competition as to who could build the talle...

    Campfire Cooking - Enrichment Week

    Campfire Cooking - Enrichment Week

    Posted: Monday 13 July 2015

    Campfire Cooking as part of Enrichment Week activities was forced to decamp indoors but it didn't sp...

  • Sports Day - 9 July 2015

    Sports Day - 9 July 2015

    Posted: Thursday 9 July 2015

    Barton Court celebrated the end of the year with an excellent Sports Day.

    Democracy, Freedom and the Magna Carta

    Democracy, Freedom and the Magna Carta

    Posted: Friday 10 July 2015

    Y13 History students attended the prestigious educational conference at Canterbury Cathedral last Fr...

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  • Campfire Cooking as part of Enrichment Week activities was forced to decamp indoors but it didn't spoil the fun! Read more
  • Fabulous Sports Day last week with Wilberforce winning the Sports Day Shield. Read more
  • We love science – Y10 enjoying a taster of Sixth Form science lessons this week. Read more
  • Downloading their IB results – congratulations BCGS students, all the hard work paid off. Read more

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