The Politics Department

Key Stage 5

Politics is currently offered as an AS and A2 level option at Key Stage 5. The AS level is awarded after the students take two papers both of which are worth 50% of the AS level and 25% of the total A2 level. The two AS units are ’People and Politics’ and ‘Governing the UK.’

People and Politics covers fundamental concepts such as democracy and the nature of political participation. The course also involves the study of the history, values, tradition and policies of the three main British political parties. Attention is also paid to the nature of elections, different electoral systems and pressure groups.

Governing the UK concentrates on how the British political system works. Students study the following key components: the Constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Judges and Civil Liberties in order to gain an understanding of how our Modern Liberal Democracy works.

The A2 topics move away from the mechanics of British Government and Politics in order to concentrate on political theory and explore the roots of the key ideas that underpin different political system. ‘Introducing Political Ideologies’ explores Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and Anarchism and ‘Other Ideological Traditions’ focuses on Nationalism, Feminism, Ecologism and Multiculturalism which are traditions becoming ever more applicable to the modern world.


Core text books are used as resources to help deliver the course alongside other resources within the department.  Relevant audio and visual material is used to complement the teaching of the course.  Students who study politics are encouraged to keep abreast of current affairs, as a key component of the assessment is following the development of the British political system and comparing modern developments with the values and concepts that our political system is based on.


The course is taught by Mr Wood who is an experienced Politics teacher and has experience working in politics at national and European level. The department seeks to bring the course to life by bringing in external speakers to discuss their experiences and relevant issues with the students. There is a huge focus on debate and discussion alongside the written work and essay writing which feature highly in the assessment of the course.

A-level Politics is taught by Mr D Wood.

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