The Business Studies Department

Key Stage 5

The department offers AQA A level Business Studies.  The programme investigates the interrelated nature of business using models, theories and techniques. We examine contemporary business issues, situations and case-studies as well as key contemporary developments such as digital technology, business ethics and globalisation.

We offer the linear Business Studies A level course. Subject content is very broad, with ten topic areas covered across the two years from ‘what is a business?’ in the first year, to learning more about ‘managing strategic change’ in the second year. Examinations take place at the end of the two year study period and students sit three examinations in total.

Beyond The Curriculum

The department runs two focus days during the academic year. The Year 8 Business Awareness Day combines a range of activities from online business simulations to psychometric career-based tests and financial quizzes. These activities are designed to give the students a taste of business issues and to meet the criteria of the Economic Awareness element of the National Curriculum. The Year 10 Business Enterprise Day allows students to use their creative energies to tender for a business contract, in a Dragon’s Den style activity, designed to enhance planning, team work, and presentation skills.  Students also attend enterprise days and competitions at other venues throughout the year and the department offers grade booster sessions in the spring and summer terms.


All lessons are taught in a fully equipped business room which has a Smart board to enhance lesson quality. The department has an excellent set of texts which support the course, and utilizes the ICT rooms which are bookable on a regular basis.


Dr B Gleave Lead Teacher of Business

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