Staff List Academic Year 2016-2017

Executive Headteacher  
Ms K Cardus  
Senior Leadership Team  
Ms A Haley Deputy Headteacher: Pastoral Care, ECA, SEN, Safeguarding
Mrs C Benard Grosso Deputy Headteacher: Teaching & Learning, Thinking Schools
Mr J Fairfax Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum & Achievement
Extended Leadership Team  
Mr R Duran Director of Teaching and Learning
Mr N Harvey Director of Teaching and Learning
Mrs A Macrae Director of Mathematics
Ms S Harding Director of English
Miss G Fenn Director of KS3
Mr D Lintott Director of KS4
Mr W Gleave Director of KS5
BCAT School Business Management Team  
Mr M Blake Trust ICT Strategy/Project Manager
Mrs R Light Trust Personnel/Marketing Manager
Mrs T Swift Trust Finance/Premises Manager
Heads of Year  
Miss G Fenn Year 7
Mr A White Year 8
Mr J Hellyar Year 9
Mr D Lintott Year 10
Mrs N Hodge (maternity cover) Year 11
Miss J Coles Year 12
Mr R Duran Year 13
Art Department  
Mrs N Hodge Lead Teacher (Head of Y11)
Mr L Ashmore Teacher/SENCO
Ms J Foxon Art Technician (p/t)
Business Studies Department  
Dr R Mansfield Teacher of Economics/Teacher of Physics
Dr W Gleave Teacher of Business Studies
Computing Department  
Mr P Maisey Lead Teacher
Mr J Fairfax Teacher/Assistant Headteacher
Design & Technology Department  
Mrs S Cottrell Lead Teacher
Mrs K Parker Teacher (job share)
Mrs J Hidson Teacher (job share)
Ms R Metcalfe DT Technician (p/t)
Drama Department  
Mrs D Baker Lead Teacher
Mrs A Russell Teacher
English Department  
Mrs S Harding Director of English/Gifted & Talented Coordinator
Mr N Hodgkins 2nd in English/KS3
Mrs A Blyth 2nd in English/A Level
Mr C Nelson Teacher
Mr C Urquhart Teacher
Mr J Collingwood Teacher
Mr A Gout Teacher/Lead Teacher of Film Studies
Geography Department  
Dr W Gleave Lead Teacher
Mrs S Hallam Teacher (p/t)
Ms K Rothwell Teacher (p/t)
History Department  
Miss C Snell Lead Teacher
Mr D Wood Teacher/Lead Teacher Citizenship
Miss A Sims Teacher
Mathematics Department  
Mrs A Macrae Director of Mathematics/Business & Economics
Mr K Tsafaras 2nd in Mathematics: Further Mathematics, Gifted & Talented
Mr R Duran 2nd in Mathematics: KS3, Director of T&L, Head of Year 13
Mr F O'Donoghue 2nd in Mathematics: A Level
Mr J Fairfax Teacher/Assistant Headteacher
Mr M McCarthy Teacher
Mr A Noake Teacher
Modern Foreign Languages Department  
Mr A Luret Director of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A Garcia Irnan Teacher – Spanish/French
Mr S Fernandez-Sanchez Teacher - Spanish
Mrs C Benard-Grosso Teacher – French/DeputyHeadteacher: Thinking Schools and AfL
Miss A Croft Teacher - French/LT German/2nd in Modern Foreigh Languages
Music Department  
Ms G Fenn Lead Teacher/Director of KS3/Head of Year 7
Mr P Baldock Teacher (p/t)
Physical Education Department  
Mrs J Nuttall Lead Teacher
Mr D Lintott Teacher/Director of KS4/Head of Year 10
Mr A White Teacher/Head of Year 8
Mr J Hellyar Teacher/Head of Year 9/Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
Psychology Department  
Mrs J Hughes Lead Teacher
Miss L Voutsinou Teacher (maternity cover)
Religious Studies/RPE  
Ms M Cullimore Lead Teacher/PSHEE
Ms G O'Dell Teacher
Miss K Wharton Teacher
Science Department  
Mr N Harvey Lead Teacher – Chemistry/Director of Teaching & Learning
Miss L O'Leary Teacher
Mrs M Weedy Chemistry Laboratory Technician
Mrs C Hayles Lead Teacher - Biology
Ms A Haley Teacher - Chemistry/Biology/Deputy Headteacher
Dr E Howard-Williams Teacher
Ms J Coles Teacher/Head of Year 12/KS3 Science Co-ordinator
Mrs N Addley Biology Laboratory Technician
Mr A Chandler Lead Teacher – Physics
Mr J Hellyar Teacher KS3 Science/Head of Year 9/DofE Co-ordinator
Mr S Perks Teacher
Dr R Mansfield Teacher/Teacher of Economics
Mr P Wright Physics Laboratory Technician
Student Support Department  
Mrs L Isaacs Sixth Form Administrator/Learning Mentor
Mrs P Richardson Learning Mentor 
Mrs C Newman Learning Mentor 
Mrs E Mandis Cover Supervisor
Special Needs Department  
Mr L Ashmore Senco/Teacher of Art
Miss L Hewlett SENCO Assistant/Teaching Assistant
Support Staff  
Mrs R Light PA to Headteacher/Trust Personnel/Marketing Manager
Mrs C Owen Data Manager
Mrs T Swift Trust Finance/Premises Manager
Mrs K West Examinations Manager
Mrs J Tomlinson Attendance Officer
Mrs J Slaughter SLT Administrator
Mrs C Parkins Personnel/Administration Assistant
Mrs R O'Brien Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs C Knight Finance Assistant
Miss C Rons Reprographics/Administrator
Mrs C Levere Clerk to the Governors
ICT Support Staff  
Mr M Blake Trust ICT Strategy & Project Manager
Mr D Savage Senior ICT Technician
Mr P Scullion ICT Technician
Site Staff  
Mr S Charlton Site Manager
Mr I Burgess Assistant Site Manager


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