KS5 Curriculum

“The school provides students with an outstanding curriculum that effectively meets their needs and aspirations” - OFSTED

“Students’ achievement is outstanding” - OFSTED

A broad and versatile curriculum ensures that your time studying allows you to develop not only academically, but also your life skills. Whatever your talents you can find the right course and subject combination to suit your aptitudes. Whichever course options you decide you can be confident that you will be supported to achieve your full potential. As well as all these opportunities Barton Court Grammar School has a dedicated academic team to support you through the Sixth Form as well as the Tutor System to nurture and guide you as you develop into the world class student you have the potential to be.

Students will typically take 3 or 4 subject courses in Year 12 and 3 or 4 subject courses in Year 13 depending on their individual needs. A Level students can also develop their research skills and demonstrate independent learning through the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and the AQA Baccalaureate Qualification.

As you will be aware the competition for university places has never been greater. In addition, it is essential that students attend the university that is going to provide them with the greatest number of opportunities when they graduate. Barton Court Grammar School, therefore, provides extensive support and guidance for students to help them secure the best university offers. Year 12 students have a UCAS day where they are guided through the application process. Every student receives an individual career guidance session with a qualified adviser.

There are a variety of well-established bespoke support programmes in place at the School. Students wishing to apply to Oxford or Cambridge are supported through a specific Oxbridge programme; students interested in Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry benefit from a specific “Medics” programme and those interested in Law or STEM careers also benefit from a specific bespoke programme. Students are invited to attend our “Inspire Lecture Programme” and encouraged to complete “super-curricular” activities to broaden their skills, horizons and knowledge.

Students who wish to enter the world of work at the end of their Sixth Form studies also have the support of an independent Careers Advisor and benefit from our work experience/shadowing programme which enables students to better understand the world of work and career they may be interested in. Whatever you choose to do at the end of your Sixth Form studies at Barton Court Grammar School you will be confident that you will have achieved your full academic potential and developed the personal skills necessary to be highly successful.

 “The school is a happy and harmonious community where students are motivated to achieve as well as possible and develop into confident and successful young adults” - OFSTED

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