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An Accredited Thinking School

Working with Exeter University, a university with an excellent reputation in education and curriculum development, we are an accredited “Thinking School”. We have placed thinking at the heart of our learning and we are developing a common and visual language of Thinking Tools to enable our students to become independent, confident, thoughtful, life-long learners, the foundations for both personal achievement and academic success.

So, what is a Thinking School?

“A Thinking School is a school that puts the teaching of thinking at the heart of learning.”

A Thinking School is:

         “A learning community in which all members share a common language; where thinking strategies and tools are used across the curriculum and teachers and students have sound understanding of metacognition; where all students are developing and demonstrating independent and cooperative learning skills; where the school generates  high levels of achievement and an excitement and enthusiasm for learning” (TSI)

The criteria for a Thinking School can be found at:


Why are we using visual tools?

Visual tools offer students some structures through which they can be flexible, adaptable and open with their thinking and learning.


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