The Journey to Accreditation

We became an accredited Thinking School, by Exeter University CEC, in March 2015.

The Journey so far

  • Thinking Maps training for the Staff Drive Team (9 July 2012)
  • Thinking Maps training to all staff (26 Oct 2012 - Development day)
  • Staff trained to deliver the Thinking Maps to students (6 Nov 2012 - Development Evening)
  • Staff deliver Thinking Maps training to all students (12 Nov 2012 - Enrichment Day)

Year 1: 2012-2013

The main Thinking School focus was Thinking Maps. Led by Ms Benard-Grosso (Accredited Thinking maps trainer)

Additional Foci:

  • Thinker’s Keys Led by Mr Fairfax - to introduce the Thinker Keys in lessons taught by Drive Team.
  • Thinking Hats Led by Mr Duran – to introduce Thinking hats in Tutor time, one session per year group per term.
  • P4C trialed in Y7 club by Ms O'Dell.

Year 2: 2013-2014

The main Thinking School focus will be Thinking Hats Led by Ms Benard-Gross/Mr Duran

Additional Foci:

  • Habits of Mind Led by Drive Team – to introduce the habits in lessons taught by Drive Team - model good practice.
  • Thinker’s keys Led by Drive team - introduce in curriculum lessons where appropriate.
  • Review of Thinking Maps. Ms Benard-Gross/Mr Harvey

Year 3: 2014-2015

The main Thinking School focus will be Habits of Mind Led by Ms Benard-Grosso and Drive Team

Additional Foci:

  • Review of Thinking Hats. Ms Benard-Gross/Mr Duran
  • Continue to train staff on Thinking Maps and Thinking Hats. Ms Benard-Grosso/Mr Harvey
  • Thinkers’ keys Led by Mr Fairfax to be developed further.

By December 2014, three main foci had been introduced and these were starting to become embedded practice in lessons and tutor time by both students and staff. Evidence was collected routinely throughout the three years to support the accreditation process which took place in February 2015.

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