The French Department

Key Stage 3

All students study French in their first two years:

- The topics covered in year 7 include: myself, family and friends, where I live, routine, town and school.

- The topics covered in year 8 include: hobbies, free time, outings, food and drinks and holidays and tourism.

 At the end of each module, students are assessed in the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are also assessed on vocabulary, grammar and translation.

Key Stage 4

  • Current GCSE (Year 11)

For GCSE French the examination board is AQA. Students complete two controlled assessments in speaking and two in writing during the course, worth 60% of the GCSE. Additionally, students undertake reading and listening exams during the course and complete the final exam in May, which is worth 40% of the GCSE.

  • New GCSE (Years 9 & 10)

GCSE French is a popular option at Key Stage 4 and students start the course in Year 9. We run a 3 year course. The examination board is AQA.

The themes taught are:

  • Myself, family and friends
  • Technology in everyday life
  • Free-time activities
  • Customs and festivals
  • Home, town, neighbourhood & region
  • Social issues
  • Global issues
  • Travel and tourism
  • My studies, life at school & education post 16
  • Jobs, career choices and ambitions

 During the course, students will be assessed on the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also in vocabulary, grammar and translation.

Key Stage 5

Current A Level (Year 13)

The grammar covered at AS Level is reinforced to improve accuracy and fluency. Topics include:

  • Environment – pollution, energy and protecting the planet
  • Multi-cultural society – immigration, racism and integration
  • Contemporary social issues – wealth and poverty, law and order, scientific and technological advance.

Additionally, students study a cultural topic chosen by the teacher. This could include a:

  • Region/community
  • Period of 20th century history
  • Novelist/dramatist/poet
  • Director/architect/musician/painter


New A Level (Year 12)

We use the AQA Examination board and we study the following topics:

1.   Social issues and trends

  • The changing nature of family
  • The ‘cyber-society’
  • The place of voluntary work
  • Positive features of a diverse society
  • Life for the marginalised
  • How criminals are treated

2.   Political and artistic culture

  • A culture proud of its heritage
  • Contemporary francophone music
  • Cinema: the 7th art
  • Teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment
  • Demonstrations, strikes – who holds the power?
  • Politics and immigration

3.   Grammar

4.   Works:

Literary text: Candide, Voltaire

Film: L'auberge espagnole

5.   Individual research project

Beyond the curriculum

The department organises regular trips to France. Previous visits have included day trips to Le Touquet and Lille and residential trips to Le Château de Warzy. We are currently investigating the possibility of a future exchange programme where students will have the opportunity to experience French culture first hand and enhance their language skills. We also receive regular visitors from France who participate in our lessons when possible.


All language lessons are taught in the Modern Foreign Languages Block. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and audio equipment. The department uses a range of interactive language software including Task Magic, Boardworks and Active Teach. The computer rooms are also available to book where students can work independently using the various language website the department subscribes to.


Ms A Croft - Teacher of French and German

Mrs C Benard-Grosso - Teacher of French and Spanish & Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Garcia - Teacher of French and Spanish

Mr A Luret - Teacher of French and Spanish & Director of Modern Foreign Languages

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